Stirrupz Original

Turquoise Aztec Stirrupz


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Turquoise Aztec Stirrupz
Turquoise Aztec Stirrupz
Turquoise Aztec Stirrupz


Sized with a dynamic angled edge, Stirrupz decals are designed to fit most standard western stirrups. Find your perfect fit!

Stirrupz are created to showcase your individual and ever-changing style. With a strong adhesive back and durable construction, Stirrupz are built to last. But, they’re also easy to remove when you’re ready for a new set. Simply peel from the stirrup and find your new favorite!

*Stirrupz decals orders do NOT include actual stirrups


Narrow: Fits 2.5" stirrups

Wide: Fits 3" stirrups

Shipping Policy: Please refer to the Stirrupz Shipping Policy for any questions regarding tracking and shipping schedule.

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