You Might Be a Barrel Racer If......

Holly Wilson

You Might Be A Barrel Racer If....

You might be a barrel racer if.....

1. The most essential items in your trailer are poultice and quick wraps.

2. Your saddle is just big enough to fit a very small child.

3. The need for speed on the highway is just as great as it is on the pattern.

4. Your horses registered name has "Dash" or "Guy" somewhere in it.

5. You own a saddle sack.

6. Your warmup is three laps and the alleyway.

7. The most common words out of your mouth at a barrel race are "KICK! KICK! KICK!"

8. The second most common is "HUSTLE!"

9. Your breast collar has fancy fringe on it.

10. Your idols include Charmayne James and Scamper.

11. The bling is never bright enough.

12. Gate issues are the least of your worries.

13. You'd rather fall of trying to save a barrel than let it tip.

14. Your horse is just as crazy as you are.

15. You wouldn't trade your crazy horse for the world.


In all seriousness, we love our barrel racers! Stirrupz were inspired by your bright and fun tack, and need for fast and easy tack changes. Complete your tack ensemble with Stirrupz!

(Cover photo provided by #TeamStirrupz member Alexis King)

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