Follow Your Dream

It came to me in a flash, but more like a fury. A fury of ideas, patterns, thoughts... a dream.

I quickly started jotting things down on a pad of sticky notes. One note turned into two, and two notes turned into twelve. Before I knew it, I had a business plan and a name: Stirrupz.

I couldn't wait to start working on my new idea! I started a Shopify store, and social media accounts. I didn't know when it would open, or when I would have product, but I knew I had to get started. If you've ever met me, you know that I can't leave a project unfinished, a stone unturned, an idea left solely an idea.

I worked with a friend and graphic design wizard to create the design template, and things started to take off from there. A manufacturer was found, and samples were ordered. Elizabeth Hay took the amazing first images (and debut) of Stirrupz, and the website began to take shape.

After I got the first samples, I reached out to several girls in the industry to test the products. I needed to know if they would hold up, and if people would actually be interested in buying them!

After receiving positive feedback on all counts, the next steps were made. The designs were adjusted, the sizes perfected, and it all began to feel real.

Stirrupz became real, truly real, a few days before July. The website launched, and we received our first orders minutes after! I can never describe that feeling. So much hard work went into making Stirrupz the product that it is, and I can't express how thankful I am to each and every person who has taken the time to make a purchase, send some happy thoughts, and follow the page.

The point of this story isn't to brag, but rather to show that hard work and dedication can create something amazing. NEVER give up on your dream, no matter how small!

If you need a listening ear or helpful advice, I'm always here. Feel free to send me an email any time, at

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